“Alma Cachonda” reviews

almacachonda_jewelCheck out the reviews for our second album “Alma Cachonda“:

So simple and at the same time disturbing and beautiful: the perfect summary of how I felt listening to Killers Lodge – Steel On Fire

A genuine album from any point of view, it’s perfect for live acts at maximum level – Italia Di Metallo

For those who appreciate the dirt, true and healthy heavy metal as it was once, “Alma Cachonda” is a nice confirmation from a band that will surely be appreciated on stage – Metallized

This album is the mouthpiece of a mix of Death, Rock and truculence, seasoned with pure Italian carefree fragrance – Metal Head

The musicians had a blast putting everything together and, in doing so, have upped their game – PureGrainAudio

“Alma Cachonda” is an unstoppable train running at the speed of light – Metal in Italy

Alma Cachonda brings a breath of pure, non-stop and truculent rock ‘n’ roll – Eraskor

Killers Lodge seem to have a horny heart for heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll. So if you are into this kind of music, then you have to check their second full length release out – Behind The Veil

Alma Cachonda is an album that shows the band’s will to experiment, nevertheless it’s full of energy and old-school metalheads will love it – The Bible of Metal

A rocket of muscular metal and fatal groove, to be played without restraint at a fatal volume – In Your Eyes ‘Zine

‘Alma Cachonda’ is an excellent album that follows perfectly the project begun with ‘Unnecessary I’ – it mix supremely Black Sabbath influences and punk attitude – Rock Rebel Magazine

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