“Alma Cachonda” reviews

almacachonda_jewelCheck out the reviews for our second album “Alma Cachonda“:

So simple and at the same time disturbing and beautiful: the perfect summary of how I felt listening to Killers Lodge – Steel On Fire

A genuine album from any point of view, it’s perfect for live acts at maximum level – Italia Di Metallo

For those who appreciate the dirt, true and healthy heavy metal as it was once, “Alma Cachonda” is a nice confirmation from a band that will surely be appreciated on stage – Metallized

This album is the mouthpiece of a mix of Death, Rock and truculence, seasoned with pure Italian carefree fragrance – Metal Head

The musicians had a blast putting everything together and, in doing so, have upped their game – PureGrainAudio

“Alma Cachonda” is an unstoppable train running at the speed of light – Metal in Italy

Alma Cachonda brings a breath of pure, non-stop and truculent rock ‘n’ roll – Eraskor

Killers Lodge seem to have a horny heart for heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll. So if you are into this kind of music, then you have to check their second full length release out – Behind The Veil

Alma Cachonda is an album that shows the band’s will to experiment, nevertheless it’s full of energy and old-school metalheads will love it – The Bible of Metal

A rocket of muscular metal and fatal groove, to be played without restraint at a fatal volume – In Your Eyes ‘Zine

‘Alma Cachonda’ is an excellent album that follows perfectly the project begun with ‘Unnecessary I’ – it mix supremely Black Sabbath influences and punk attitude – Rock Rebel Magazine

“Unnecessary I” reviews

metaltempleStill in doubt about our debut album “Unnecessary I”?

Here we go with some review to dispel everyone’s doubts:

“Ten songs to crush your bones!” – Metal Hammer Italy

“Ten rough, rude, ignorant, straight-to-heart and totally genuine songs, with a great songwriting and well structured accompaniment. Excellent from both technical and stylistic point. A great debut for Killers Lodge” – Raw & Wild

“Killers Lodge hit the mark! It’s always a pleasure to listen to pure metal that remind us our roots and make us hit the head back and forth while partying” – Heavy Metal Webzine

“With this first album, Killers Lodge has proven us that it is still possible to make good music while retaining an old-fashioned style as it used to be in the 80s ” – French Metal

” ‘Unnecessary I’ is the best album for your holidays or the perfect soundtrack for your trips to summer festivals” – Metal Wave

“There are a handful of bands that go against the power metal grain. Killers Lodge is one such band” – Full Metal Attorney

“Their debut full-length, Unnecessary I, is the sort of album that you just put on and bang your head” – The Metal Crypt

“If you love music without beating about the bush and without making a fuss over nothing, a music that goes straight to the point and that kicks your ass, play safe and get their album. It’s really worthwhile.” – Heavy Worlds

“A true metal grenade able to destroy the last ones survived to Killers Lodge music massacre.” – Holy Metal

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Singled Out! Killers Lodge featured on Anti Music network

singledoutIn “Singled Out” feature of Anti Music network the artists pick a song from the album and tell about it. The idea is to inspire the readers that still don’t know about the band.

In this month release of “Singled Out”, John KillerBob talks about the song “Land of Doom“, from the album “Unnecessary I“. Check it out by clicking here!