Live at Maratona Rock Festival with Chrome Division

MR2013Killers Lodge will be featured at Maratona Rock Festival on Sunday 28th April, 2013.

Maratona Rock is a benefit concert and the entrance is FREE.

The festival will start on Friday 26th and will end on Sunday 28th April. Killers Lodge will be on stage during the afternoon of Sunday.

These are the featured bands: Chrome Division – Exilia – 60/70 Rock Band – Cadaveria – Energy of the Elements – Ashes to Ashes – Bridge of Diod – Candy Stroke – Collettivo01 – Desecrate – Kerosene – Only Stones – Overtures – Pandaemonium – Quelli della 28 – Rublood – Scream Baby Scream – Stamina – The Squeezer – True Lie.

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