Tour ended, recording sessions starting!

google01-244x300After dealing with floods of biblical proportions, blizzards, fog and thunderstorms, after traveling more than 4,000 km, after being happily guests of Lucrezia, Blue Rose Saloon, Beer Room, Midian, Iguana Club, Celebrity Beach, Faster/Controsenso, Angelo Azzurro, Porky’s Pub, Hobb’s End and finishing the tour at Maratona Rock 2013, after having had the pleasure of sharing the stage with bands and friends such as Blast, Ad Metalla, Calico Jack, Battering Ram, My Refugee, I.R.A., Chupa Cabras, Dustineyes, Lucky Bastardz, Longobardeath, Desecrate, Necrodeath and Chrome Division, but above all after having had the honor of being supporter for several dates of Spidkilz tour, after all this, it’s the time to enter the studio for the recording session of the debut album!

Since you cannot stay without us, we will keep you updated, stay tuned with the Killers Lodge, metal castings are coming!

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