“Unnecessary I” reviews

metaltempleStill in doubt about our debut album “Unnecessary I”?

Here we go with the first reviews to dispel everyone’s doubts:

“This is a must own record!! Fans of big and classic heavy rock sound do yourself a favor and check out Unnecessary I” – Heavy Paradise

“The power-trio doesn’t restrict itself to propose again the eighties heavy metal, instead they modernize it, removing the decadent feature and keeping the charm unchanged” – Sorelle di Sangue

“A new proposal to be considered and lend a ear” – Oxido

“A hard ‘n’ heavy album that’s really coarse, but firmly tied to the purest roots of our loved music” – Rock Metal Essence

“What makes this album attractive is the energy shining through each song” – Mondo Metal

“I can recommend this record to they who love old school and hard rock” – Concrete Web

“Tracks like “New Life”, “Like a Rock”, “Bow and Scrape”, and the wickedly upbeat “The Glory and the Pillory” are definite highlights that display the trio’s knack for writing punchy, vibrant riffs” – Metal-Rules

“Ten songs to crush your bones” – Metal.it

“This is an album to be listened to free the mind, to give vent to daily frustrations, a down market musical therapy with immediate effect against abuse of power, orthodoxy, uniformity and rules” – Metallized

“A fast paced tome of old school grooves, thundering beats and in your face, direct balls to the walls thrashing!” - Destructive Music

“In their debut album KILLERS LODGE have a raw, almost live sound and they combine quite successfully in their sound the grooves of BLACK SABBATH, the roughness of the early N.W.O.B.H.M. sound, the rock ‘n’ roll attitude of MOTORHEAD and the melodic speed attitude of bands like RUNNING WILD and RIOT” – Behind the Veil

“A straightforward, immediate, direct and even a bit insolent album” - Stereo Invaders

“The excellent production gives the album a fresh and present sound, keeping a live atmosphere at the same time” - Metalitalia

” ‘Unnecessary I’ is a caterpillar that in its solemn pace cynically crushes anything on its drive. This, sirs, is metal in liquid state” – Rockit

“This is a solid debut from a band that knows how to deliver the goods. Fans of big and beefy heavy rock will be pleased” – Sea of Tranquillity

“Killers Lodge are showing the world that original Heavy Metal is not dead” – Global Metal Apocalypse

“It’s a timeless work, with an undeniable old school taste, but at the same time with a contemporary freshness” – Spectrum C.R.

“Freshness in composition, instrumental skill and wisdom in knowing how to manipulate the matter of rock’n'roll turning out original” – Iyezine

“Carefree but not vulgar, adrenalin flowing but balanced with tempting melodies” – Metal Head

“With these preconditions, the songs will be crushing in live concerts” – Italia Di Metallo

“Music to mosh, to headbang and to scream together” – The Murder Inn

“A first work that will breach into metal kids heart” – Rock Rebel Magazine

“The energy and the rage is here, and that is what makes Killers Lodge so great” – Two Guys Metal Review

“Thrash oriented European metal that shrugs off the past, looks to the future, and gives you music that way it was meant to sound… rustic!” – We Love Metal

“There’s nothing healthier than a bit of ignorance” – All Around Metal

“The band are very far from copycats, they managed to forge a sound of their own while mixing in classic influences – Almost perfect!” – Metal Temple

“A disruptive sound like the roar of thunder” – The Bible of Metal

“Pure rough and dirty rock ‘n’ roll” – Eraskor

“Killers Lodge’s have taken their likes of heavy metal meets rock n’ roll to create a style of their own” – Nataliez World


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